Who we are

Cerus Consulting was founded by Doug Crawford in 2003. We are an independent HR consultancy that works through a small group of associates all of whom share our values and passion to treat people as resourceful humans, as opposed to resources to be managed.

What Our Clients Say

"What I particularly enjoyed about working with Doug was his assured professionalism and knowledge of his subject. He helped us to apply this pragmatically and cost effectively within a robust framework"

Hannah Thompson, HR Director, Avis UK

Cerus Consulting’s Human Resources consultancy services can help you stimulate employee engagement, improve performance management systems, deliver 360 performance appraisal360 feedback and 360 assessment, and create resourceful conversations and trust-based relationships.

Our human resource consulting work is supported by a range of research-based performance appraisal, evaluation and assessment diagnostics including online employee surveys and 360 feedback software.