Improve Performance Management

Traditional approaches to improving performance management are all too often characterised by flawed thinking about the psychology of ‘managing performance’, an over-reliance on performance mangement systems, processes and forms and a failure to understand the importance of building trust-based relationships.

How effective are your performance management systems and performance appraisal processes in genuinely improving employee engagement and performance?

How much value do they add and how productive are the conversations that take place in establishing a real sense of accountability?

How committed are your managers and employees to improving performance management, and do you know how to create a process that is valued by all parties?

Do you understand how developments in neuroscience can help to improve performance management?

We can work with you to help overcome the common inherent design flaws that dog most performance management solutions and performance appraisal processes. We encourage you to ‘think differently’ about how to design performance management systems that will be actively embraced by both managers and staff, which stimulate employee engagement, motivation and accountability, and ensure that individual potential is fully utilised, leading to tangible, positive performance management solutions.

Our approach therefore goes beyond traditional performance management systems / performance appraisal processes and training by recognising the importance of:

  • Creating clarity about performance expectations and why they matter
  • Identifying and addressing the barriers that frequently prevent managers and employees from  fully engaging in the performance management / performance appraisal process
  • Creating and maintaining trust-based relationships and understanding of the potentially destructive impact of assumptions 
  • Embedding resourceful conversations at the heart of each and every dialogue between manager and employee and engendering commitment and accountability that is voluntarily given through the demonstration of adult behaviours
  • Redefining the role of the manager to be a catalyst in ‘enabling’ performance and clarifying the ‘contract’ between managers and employees in terms of what each party requires of the other in order to improve performance 
  • Embedding 360 performance appraisal, feedback and assessment processes that not only identify strengths and development needs but also map the nature of relationships that exist between managers and team members
  • Providing positive performance management solutions to ensure continual learning and development for both managers and team members
  • Incorporating cutting-edge research into the neuroscience of improved performance management and the psychology of engaging employees into our solutions

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"The search for the one objective is essentially a search for a magic formula that will make judgment unnecessary, but the attempt to replace judgment with formula is always irrational." (Peter Drucker)

Cerus Consulting’s Human Resources consultancy services can help you stimulate employee engagement, improve performance management systems, deliver 360 performance appraisal360 feedback and 360 assessment, and create resourceful conversations and trust-based relationships.

Our human resource consulting work is supported by a range of research-based performance appraisal, evaluation and assessment diagnostics including online employee surveys and 360 feedback software.