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Our Resourceful Conversations methodology comprises a suite of on-line diagnostics and focused interventions based on a research-based model of high performance. They are designed to facilitate a four step approach to changing mindsets and building the trust-based relationships that are so vital if Resourceful Conversations are to take root and flourish within an organisation.

Step 1: Find out what is actually going on - map the ‘Conversational Landscape’ within your organisation using a web-based survey to help provide answers to:

o   What the most and least frequently practiced conversations within your organisation are, how these vary between organisational level and department / function and the consequences for trust, employee engagement and performance

o   The extent to which the conversations that take place address both organisational and individual employee needs and where the critical conversation gaps lie

o   The levels of trust and the quality of the relationships that exist between managers and team members

o   Which conversations, if carried out more frequently / more skillfully, would have the biggest impact on improved commitment and performance

o   What the biggest barriers are to your managers having more meaningful conversation that would directly impact / influence the performance of their reports

o    The effectiveness of existing L&D and coaching interventions and the extent to which they are having a sustained impact

Step 2: Get insights into individual manager conversational strengths and development needs using our 180 feedback tool that provides your managers with insights and feedback (which can be either attributable or anonymous) into the environment they create, the trust they engender and the relationships they build, their particular conversational strengths and development needs and the priority areas to address to enable them to have a greater and more sustained impact on team member commitment and improved performance.

Step 3: Implement targeted, cost effective interventions through on-line learning resources and support tools, workshops and expert facilitated team events to address specific ‘conversational gaps’ and build the capability and confidence required for managers and team members to develop enduring trust based relationships and foster a spirit of open, constructive dialogue. A number of our workshops are based on the Fierce approach which leads to immediate practical use, engenders the motivation to apply the techniques learned and builds the confidence to tackle tough challenges

Step 4: Embed Resourceful Conversations at the heart of your culture through the creation of ‘conversational champions’,  provision of coaching interventions and ongoing feedback mechanisms for managers (including how to integrate our approach into existing employee engagement surveys and organisational scorecards) to build conversational resilience, foster self awareness, stimulate ongoing learning and deliver sustained change.

Cerus Consulting provides HR consultancy services in the following areas: Employee engagementperformance management,360 feedback, 360 appraisal, 360 assessmentResourceful Conversations, trust based relationships. Our human resource consulting work is supported by a range of research based evaluation, appraisal and assessment diagnostics including online employee surveys and 360 feedback software

Cerus Consulting’s Human Resources consultancy services can help you stimulate employee engagement, improve performance management systems, deliver 360 performance appraisal360 feedback and 360 assessment, and create resourceful conversations and trust-based relationships.

Our human resource consulting work is supported by a range of research-based performance appraisal, evaluation and assessment diagnostics including online employee surveys and 360 feedback software.