Create Resourceful Conversations

Conversations Create Culture.

How people speak to each other and the topics they discuss shape an organisation’s culture. It’s that culture which ultimately determines how successful the organisation is in maximising performance and harnessing the potential of its people.

How effective are your managers at conducting conversations that stimulate employee engagement and lead to improved performance?

Do you know where the critical 'conversation gaps' lie within your organisation and how best to address them - and the costs and consequences of failing to do so?

Do you know how to get more value from your managers and transform their ability to boost employee engagement and motivation?

Conversations are an untapped and unexplored resource for most organisations yet they are a critical facet of the psychological contract that exists between an individual and the organisation. We can work with you to harness that resource and help you reap substantial benefits in terms of:

  • Getting staff to willingly ‘step up to the plate’ and accept accountability for their actions and the attendant consequences
  • Stimulating additional discretionary effort and alignment with ‘the mission’
  • Transforming manager / direct report relationships by establishing a basis of mutual trust and respect
  • Making better use of individual skills by enabling people to ‘play to their strengths’ – and hence deliver more value from their role
  • Establishing a culture of open, transparent and honest communications
  • Fostering a climate whereby constructive feedback and performance appraisal is accepted non-defensively and acted upon, and where difficult conversations are tackled without fear
  • Improving delegation and reducing management requirement to ‘micro manage’ performance
  • Reducing the amount of performance management time involved in tackling difficult issues or disciplinary matters 
  • Ensuring that learning, development and coaching interventions are delivering value and an acceptable return on investment

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Cerus Consulting’s Human Resources consultancy services can help you stimulate employee engagement, improve performance management systems, deliver 360 performance appraisal360 feedback and 360 assessment, and create resourceful conversations and trust-based relationships.

Our human resource consulting work is supported by a range of research-based performance appraisal, evaluation and assessment diagnostics including online employee surveys and 360 feedback software.