Our Beliefs and Values

We believe passionately that in order to get the best from people you cannot simply treat them as resources to be managed!

 Our aim is to open people’s eyes to new ways of working, to change entrenched mindsets and attitudes and to help build the courage, conviction and confidence required to create an organisational environment where individual and collective potential is realised and commitment flourishes.  

We want to work with organisations who share our vision, who have the determination to ‘try something different’, who recognise that their people are the only source of sustainable competitive advantage and who are frustrated by the failure of traditional approaches to securing improved performance.

We are committed to:

  • Adding real value and contributing to making a lasting difference. We only accept assignments where we believe that we can make this happen.
  • Working in partnership with our clients to complement each other’s areas of expertise.
  • Challenging the status quo and recognising that real change often comes from the courage to break with tradition and do something radically different.
  • Basing our relationships on openness and transparency, underpinned by high levels of trust and mutual respect.
  • Respecting the uniqueness of every individual and organisation and recognising that ‘one size fits all’. Off -the-shelf solutions are rarely appropriate.
  • Sharing knowledge and building capability so that we and our clients both learn and grow.

Cerus Consulting’s Human Resources consultancy services can help you stimulate employee engagement, improve performance management systems, deliver 360 performance appraisal360 feedback and 360 assessment, and create resourceful conversations and trust-based relationships.

Our human resource consulting work is supported by a range of research-based performance appraisal, evaluation and assessment diagnostics including online employee surveys and 360 feedback software.